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November 1996 News Archive
Van Halen Debut At #1

Best Of Van Halen - Front Cover

November 1, 1996 - Warner Bros Records report that over 233,000 copies of the new Van Halen album were sold in its first week of release in the U.S.A., making it the third Van Halen album in a row to debut at Number 1. Second and third place on the chart were new releases from Westside Connection and Journey whose albums sold around 145,000 copies each. The 1995 release Balance sold 295,000 copies in it's first week when it also debuted at Number 1.

Me Wise Magic is also Number 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for the third week in a row!

Reuters/Yahoo - 31 October 1996
Billboard Top 200 Album Chart

Hagar Single To Premiere On The Net

Graphic: Sammy Hagar - Live in Fresno, 1992

November 4, 1996 - Internet users will be the first in the world to hear the new Sammy Hagar single when it premieres on the Internet this coming Monday, November 11. The new single, titled Salvation on Sand Hill, is from his forthcoming solo album, Kama.

The Internet premiere will use a new Internet technology called Liquid Audio, which claims to finally bring CD-quality audio to the Internet.

"The ability to reach an unlimited number of fans on the Net is something I'm taking seriously as an artist," said Hagar. "With Liquid Audio, I have a whole new instrument for getting my music out there to the people who want it."

Hagar will be present at the Liquid Audio Booth at the Audio Engineering Society Conventionin Los Angeles at 6PM, November 8 when the song premieres there. Be sure to check out the Liquid Audio site to download the software to play the new track. The song will be available for one week only, then it will be removed from the Internet and released to radio stations.

CNN "Showbiz Today" Interview

Graphic: Alex & Edward on CNN

November 4, 1996 - Edward and Alex Van Halen were featured on CNN's "Showbiz Today" this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. PST. Their segment is the last of the show, and includes some concert footage, along with thoughts on David Lee Roth's lost chance to return to the band. CNN will re-run the show tonight if you are quick (sorry I don't know what time)!

A report of the interview may appear on the CNN "Showbiz Today" page, but it wasn't there at the time of writing.

Best Of Falls To Number 3

November 7, 1996 - As expected, Best Of Volume 1 by Van Halen was today displaced at Number 1 on the Billboard Album Chart by the latest release from the Beatles. The third and final installment in the Anthology series sold 237,000 copies in its first week of release. Each previous album in the Anthology set debuted at Number 1 and went on to achieve platinum status. Van Halen's Best Of Volume 1 came in third, with estimated sales of 130,000.

Sammy Hagar's New Single Out Now

November 8, 1996 - Sammy Hagar's new single, Salvation On Sand Hill, is now available exclusively on the Internet. To hear the new track, visit the Liquid Audio Web Site and download their new streaming audio software. You won't be able to hear the new track without the software. At this time, the software is only available for computers running Windows 95.

Roth Files Law Suit

November 12, 1996 - David Lee Roth is sueing three insurance companies for $5 million. Roth claims the three companies only paid $350,000 to cover the damage sustained to his house during an earthquake in 1994. One of the three insurance companies being sued by Roth asked Superior Court Judge Ronald Cappai to rule that Roth could not be awarded damages. The Judge refused and asked the company to produce evidence it had acted in good faith.

Roth claims the $5 million damages will compensate for the harm caused to his singing and songwriting career. Diamond Dave claims he has been forced to live out of boxes and has no heating.

ALS Benefit Today

November 17, 1996 - The 1st Midwest Jason Becker Benefit for ALS will be held today at the Riviera in Chicago. As reported here last month, Edward Van Halen will be appearing with Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey.

A few of the Van Halen News Desk's regular visitors will be in Chicago for the benefit, so hopefully I will be able to bring you some exclusive photos and reports from the show.

In other news, Van Halen's Best Of Volume 1 album continues to sell well in the USA. In its third week on the Billboard Album Chart, the album placed in the Top 10 once again, coming in this week at Number 6. Me Wise Magic is still Number 1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

The Lou Brutus Experience!?

November 18, 1996 - You read it right. Edward Van Halen, Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey last night performed under the alias of The Lou Brutus Experience at the Jason Becker ALS Benefit in Chicago. The local radio station WRCX ran a competition for its listeners to choose a name for the new band. Lou Brutus is the afternoon drive-time DJ at WRCX.

Set List:

  • Wipe Out
  • Good Times Bad Times
  • Little Wing
  • Ain't Talkin' 'Bou Love
  • I Want You (She's So Heavy)
  • Fire

All four members of the "Lou Brutus Experience" were present for an interview on WRCX radio the day before the event. Click on the link below for a full transcript.

Lou Brutus interviews Ed, Billy, Steve and Pat

Edward and the guys also made a surprise appearance at the Chicago Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night. Several members of the Van Halen Mailing List managed to score some photos and autographs with the help of Scotty Ross - Van Halen's Tour Manager. Scotty kindly invited list members who were attending the benefit to the Hard Rock for a "mini convention". It was a unique chance for list members to meet each other and also get close to some legends in the music industry.

ALS Benefit Photos

Sven Isaksson and Edward Van Halen

November 20, 1996 - The first photos from the Jason Becker ALS benefit in Chicago on the weekend are now hitting the net! A big Van Halen THANK YOU to Sven Isaksson who has kindly given me permission to display one of his photos (left) for your viewing pleasure.

Above: Sven Isaksson with Edward Van Halen

Photo © 1996 Sven Isaksson. Used with permission.

Interview with Alex & Edward

November 21, 1996 - The Van Halen News Desk has obtained the rights to re-print an interview by George A. Fletcher from Rhythm & News magazine with Edward and Alex Van Halen. The interview contains some extra insight into all the Van Halen happenings over the past six months. Many thanks to Lisa and Rhythm & News magazine for providing the us with this Internet exclusive!

Rhythm & News Interview

Rhythm & News magazine can by contacted by email at VH@rhythmandnews.com.

Van Halen Site Of The Week

November 24, 1996 - A new section called the Van Halen Site Of The Week is now available on the Van Halen News Desk. The section is dedicated to saluting the finest Van Halen related web pages on the Internet. The winning sites will be determined by a voting system. The winning sites will be posted here weekly.

For a complete list of Van Halen sites to visit, check out the Van Halen Web Pages section.

Chicago Sun-Times ALS Review

November 27, 1996 - Click on the link below to read the Chicago Sun Times review of the recent Jason Becker ALS Benefit, which featured a guest appearance by Edward Van Halen. Thanks to David Williams who sent this in.

Eddie Van Halen Rocks The Riviera

David Lee Roth Update

November 27, 1996 - David Lee Roth continues to keep himself busy, despite the disappointment of not being reinstated as the frontman for Van Halen. Sources say Dave's autobiography is at now the publishers for some final touches, with hopes of a possible release in mid-97.

We're told the final chapter of Dave's book gives his version of the recent controversy with Van Halen, and if left uncut will "be of infinite fascination to all". Already the book looks like being an instant best-seller!

Press Articles

04 November 1996Liquid Audio Press Release
18 November 1996Chicago Sun Times
21 November 1996Rhythm & News Interview
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